An Evening With Michael Gulezian
one of the finest instrumental acoustic artists of our time
When and Where?

Friday, 30 July 2010

1259 Main Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Doors open at 6:30:
Join us for appetizers and drinks!
The music begins at 7:30

$15 suggested donation:
(All proceeds go to Michael)

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praise and reviews
"A great guitarist. My kindred spirit."
· Michael Hedges

"If I could play guitar the way Michael Gulezian does, I would just sit in front of a mirror and watch myself do it."
· Garrison Keillor, on A Prairie Home Companion

"Michael Gulezian doesn't write tunes you can take away and hum. What I experience listening to his music is stories - not stories with words, but an exquisite web of tales that only notes can tell. ... the CD also contains video of the concert - it's just amazing to watch him perform."
· Bob Boilen, Director, All Things Considered / National Public Radio, about Concert At St. Olaf College

"... one of the most amazing acoustic guitarists on earth. Michael Gulezian puts his entire heart and soul, his entire being, into every song he does live. He just goes all out on every song ... incredible passion, and unbelievable technical skill."
· Dore Stein, Producer/Host, Tangents Music Radio

"Michael Gulezian plays guitar the way Salvador Dali painted."
· Roger Clodfelter, Asst. Dean of Students, High Point University

"[Gulezian's music] meets and exceeds anything being offered by the 'real' industry ... [what] people expected from Michael Hedges after Aerial Boundaries ..."
· Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, on The Dare of an Angel

"One of the most dazzling solo acoustic guitarists in the world today ... To see Gulezian alone on stage with his guitar is to watch a master at work.."
· Wallace Baine, Entertainment Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Michael Gulezian is the AntiChet."
· Tim Sparks

"... a one-man guitar orchestra. A brilliant guitarist, a sensitive and soulful vocalist. And ... he's hysterically funny."
· Terry Meyer, Programming Director, Big Top Chautauqua

"... this may well be the best solo guitar album since Leo Kottke's justly renowned first effort, Six and Twelve String Guitar."
· High Fidelity (about Unspoken Intentions)

"... I wish there was a video component to what we do because Michael positively dances with the guitar, if one can do that sitting down. ... incredible spiritual relationship with his instrument. A great discovery."
· David Dye, WXPN / National Public Radio's World Cafe

Visit Michael's site for more reviews

about Michael
Michael is fiercely independent. He retains no agent, no publicist, and no manager; he rejects the notion that artists (or audiences) need any “support” from multinational corporate record labels. Michael categorically refuses to accept any musical product endorsements. He is a rarity – an artist confident enough in his work to let the music speak entirely for itself. Click here to read more.

So how do you pronounce “Gulezian”?
From his FAQ:
"Gu-LAY-ze-in. Yes, you too can learn to say gu-LAY-ze-in, and broaden your linguistic horizons in the process. Practice saying it over and over, in the privacy of your own home. Then wait an hour, and repeat “gu-LAY-ze-in” an additional one hundred seventeen times. You should then be able to walk up to Nnamdi Asomugha and pronounce “Gulezian” with confidence. He will be impressed."

What gear does he use?
From his FAQ:
"I’m in complete agreement with Chris Smither, who says, “...within limits, gear is more important as a topic of conversation than as a way of making music.” Except I’m not as diplomatic. I think gear is utterly irrelevant. The people who write gear columns at the guitar magazines are idiots. Gear manufacturers spend fortunes on advertising – they want you to believe if you buy their latest digital gizmo thingy, you’re suddenly going to become a vastly improved player. Well, Robert Johnson didn’t have any “gear.” Augustin Barrios didn’t have any “gear.” Nobody needs “gear” to make great music. The only gear musicians need is imagination, passion, discipline, fearlessness, space, silence, heart, time, soul, guts, and callouses on their fingers."

For all the airplay, accolades, recognition, and encores, Michael remains most touched and humbled by the words of his late friend and colleague Michael Hedges, who called Gulezian “a great guitarist. My kindred spirit.”

Michael Gulezian was deeply affected by Michael Hedges’ tragic death. Hedges had suggested that the two guitarists record a CD together. It never happened. In its place, Michael recorded LANGUAGE OF THE FLAME (2003). In keeping with the spirit of Michael Hedges, the intent was to reflect the full range of human emotion. Gulezian states, “my primary responsibility as an artist is to use the symbolic language of music to express the deepest aspirations of humanity, in a manner that would otherwise be inexpressible."

a few links
· Michael's MySpace Page
· Michael's Facebook Page
· High Plains Reader article:
Spiritual Protest Through Strings

Michael Gulezian

Please join Jungwha Lee and Steve Lawler in the honor of welcoming Michael Gulezian to our home for an evening of concert magic. Michael is recognized as one of the world's most creative solo acoustic instrumental guitarists. Prepare to be amazed.

Click the bold song titles to play an mp3 sample. Visit Michael's website for more information, including a list of collaborative efforts, album reviews, musical influences, and much more.


Concert at St. Olaf College Cover

Concert at St. Olaf College

Mile High Country
Little Meggie
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
My Trampoline Heart
Whale in the Sky
Meandering Jellique

Language of the Flame Cover

Language of the Flame

“I’m No Seismologist,” Chortled the Metrognome
Little Meggie
Undo the Buncombe
The Room of Doom
Oh Suzannah
Jello Moves
My Trampoline Heart
All We’ll Never Be
Michael Hedges Goes to Heaven

The Dare of an Angel Cover

The Dare of an Angel

Faith, Hope, and Love
He Planned to Expand
The House that Blocked Kansas
Whale in the Sky
Mile High Country
Answer Silence With Silence
Nothing is Always Anything
Love Is As Love Does
I Remember Walnut Avenue

Distant Memories and Dreams Cover

Distant Memories and Dreams

Five Loaves, Two Fish
Mood Rub a Dub
Zucchini Beach
Almost Made it to Guam
Morning Star
Owatonna Moon
Sunrise Over Lock & Dam # 5A
Amber Waves Goodbye

Unpsoken Intentions Cover

Unspoken Intentions

Wet Hair, Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Café on the Rings of Saturn
Ian and Nisa
The Moon Under Her Feet
Without You
20 Park Avenue
Meandering Jelly: A Contraceptive Failure
A Nice Place to Visit
Ninth and Main
Goodbye My Friend
Stepping on my Thumbs

video samples


· From the East Bay:
880 south, exit on Coleman, bear north parallel to the airport. Just past Brokaw Road, get into the left lane, and go up the overpass onto De la Cruz, which turns into Lewis Street (stay in the left lane). Go through the light at Lafayette, and then two blocks to Main Street. Turn left on Main, and then go a block and a half south, just past Harrison Street. We are in the third house on the left: Look for lots of flowers.

· From the South Bay:
880 north, exit on North Bascom Avenue. Bascom becomes Washington Street, which then becomes Lafayette Street. Turn left onto Fremont Street, and then go two blocks to Main. Turn right on Main, and we're the first house on the right, just past the long wood fence/wall.

· From the Penninsula:
101 south, exit on De la Cruz. Go south on De la Cruz, and then bear right and up the overpass at the split (follow the sign toward Santa Clara). Continue straight toward the Santa Clara central business district. De la Cruz turns into Lewis Street. Go through the light at Lafayette, and then two blocks to Main Street. Turn left on Main, and then go a block and a half south, just past Harrison Street. We are in the third house on the left: Look for lots of flowers.